My Animated Gifs!

The newest ones are here!

Somebody said I should organize my AniGifs - I said, why not? 
But how to do it?  I dunno - how bout this?
(The newest ones are at the top of each list)

Parables of Modern Life!

Music & Dancing

Beasts of the Field, of the Sea, and of the Air!

Super ... Who ... ?
Customer Relations
The Florida Ballot*
What's a Nebbish?
The Aviator*
Rumpus in the Romper Room
Tricky's Last Trick*
Boomers in Beemers
The 70s - Thrilled by the 90s
Silly City
Walk on Green ... Run on Red
The Commuters
Little Brother Maxie
Be Careful What You Wish for
Say whaa ... !

Harp Kat!
New Orleans Second Linin' #2*
New Orleans Second Linin' #1 
Cab Hippoway
Nags' Night Out
Uncle Buck's Cumberland Ramblers*
Guitar 'Copter
Bearly Ballet (recital version)
Dangerous Liaisons

Harriet Hits the Dance Floor
Hey Bop-a-Loo-Bop
Sheep - Sheep-a-doop

What Rudy Does in his Spare Time
Puddy's Prerogative
Need File Compression?
Dog Dreams*
Kool Dog Hot Dog
A Fields Rabbit
Want a Doggie?
Rudy gets Extreme
Dangerous if Provoked
Turtle Blues
Alvin goes Wild
Fish Thugs
Harriet Hippo Rides a Harley
My first - Sheepish - Attempt




Alter Ego
Shake a Leg Bone

Gettin' Jiggy with the Ghost Jig
Do the Witchy Hop!
Heads Up!!*
Mummy Dance
Har de Har Har!!

Bride of Frank*
Drac Calling

Clownin' Around Town*
Truckin' Clowns (individually)*
A Whole page of Truckin' Clowns
Too many Clowns*

Happy Holidays!
The Aviator Celebrates the Fourth*
Mardi Gras Mambo
Happy Y2K, Babe!
Lots of Halloween Ani's
Because it's Carnival Time*
Happy New Year 99


The Professions


Fine Art

Civic Virtues
Show me where it hurts

School Days, Skule Daze

How Maestro gets his...*
Still Waiting for that Email

Nude 'n' Rude
The Easy way to make an AniGif


Some Pencil sketches


Pencil Sketches


*(Won Contests/Awards)

Animated gifs and all other images Copyright © 1998-2003 by Rick Weil; all rights reserved.  You may use them freely for noncommercial use.  You may not use them for commercial use.  You may not use them to promote hate, violence, or pornography.

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